Video baby monitor

Baby monitors have evolved through the years. From the simple transmitter and receiver device, various baby monitors have been developed. There are mainly two types of baby monitors: video baby monitor and audio baby monitor.

Baby Monitors: Mom’s Best Friend

Any parent would vow to do everything for the baby and could not permit anything to harm the newborn. She would desire to keep an eye on her child 24/7. However, she has to fulfill her commitments to other family members, and most particularly to themselves.

Keeping watch of the baby round the clock is merely an impossible feat. Nowadays, the marvel of technology has contributed greatly to the comfort of mankind. And mothers are truly blessed to have baby monitors in their aid that would relieve their burden.

This is truly useful in sensing life-threatening conditions. Whatever type moms choose to have, it will contribute significantly to making mom’s life easier. Baby monitors are indeed mom’s best friend.

What are Baby Monitors

A baby monitor, also known as a baby alarm is a simplex transmitter and receiver system. It is a gadget used to monitor your babies even if they are located in a separate room. It is used to remotely watch or listen for different noises made by your kids and babies.

Sounds coming from the baby are picked up and a signal is then transmitted to the receiver. On the other hand, receivers are being carried around the house or placed somewhere that is accessible to the mother.

Usually, the transmitter is plugged into a socket from its fixed position (8-10 feet within the baby or closer if possible). The receiver is battery-operated since it could be brought anywhere.

There are products that even let the mother from the receiver’s end visualize their baby and play music to soothe the baby. To this date, they are no longer just electric devices to keep an eye on when the baby cries. It offers a number of benefits in ascertaining the baby’s well-being.

Some devices have sensors placed under the baby’s mattress that detect even the most subtle of movements including the baby’s breathing. When no movement is detected for a span of 20 seconds or if breathing is below the accepted rate, an alarm is triggered.

Are Digital Baby Monitors Safe for Children?

Since the huge possibility of the electromagnetic energy used in the technology of baby monitors, parents are afraid for the safety of their kids. But, manufacturers of these devices claim that the radiation that their baby monitors emit is at levels that do not pose a danger to children.

The digital models of baby monitors are better in reception as compared to that the older analog version. These models have also proven to be much better at delivering privacy for the household.

One should know to set certain preventive measures to prevent harm to the child’s health. These include placing the monitor at a safe distance from the baby (at least one meter). Also, not add a lot of other appliances inside the baby’s room such as TVs or computers. Always remember that the monitor’s distance from the child is very important.

How Does It Play A Role In the Safety of the Child?

Baby monitors basically let the parents know their child’s activities and watch out for any possible problems from afar. Through this, they could do their usual work without worrying that their child’s safety inside the room alone. Many hi-tech monitors instantly alert the parents when they detect a problem.

Sensory monitors even trigger alarms whenever they cannot detect movement from the baby for 20 seconds or more. Even the simpler models of these monitors like the audio monitor at least keep the parents aware of their baby’s cries. This technology makes sure the parents that their baby is safe, especially during times when no one is to watch the child.

Types of Baby Monitors

There are different types of baby monitors –audio baby monitor, video baby monitor, or sensory monitor. The audio baby monitor receives and transmits sound so that the parent could hear the baby from a distance.

The video monitor works like a tiny TV by having a camera record the baby’s movements while the parent could watch on a small screen receiver. And the sensory monitor alarms the parent when it cannot sense any movement from the child for 20 seconds.

Video baby monitors have also taken advantage of the latest technology on the Internet. With the video baby monitor installed in the room, parents can access the cameras even when they are at the office. All they need is a computer with Internet access and voila! Instant video feed direct from the baby’s room.

An audio baby monitor is the descendant of the basic uni-directional system used by basic and usually old monitors. These new types of baby monitors however have been incorporated with new technology. Rather than just being able to hear your baby, you can now even talk back to him or her.

Some devices will let you send commands to the baby’s device to play music to hush him or her back to sleep.

Both types of baby monitors, audio and video, can either be wired or wireless. The wireless devices, in some cases, are more advantageous than the wired since you can go anywhere within the range. The setback of this setup though is that different interferences can affect wireless connections than wired devices.

One-way And Two-way Monitors

One-way monitors only transmit sound through a single channel wherein parents can hear the sounds from the other end.

However, the two-way monitors can allow parents to talk back to their children with their own portable transmitter. Parents of children with separation anxiety prefer this type of monitor, as hearing a familiar voice could usually calm the child.

Taking Care of Your Baby Using Video Baby Monitor

Video Baby monitors are the most popular choice of baby monitors for most parents. With features like large screens, night vision, and the ability to zoom in, lots of parents like the peace of mind video monitors can provide. The price for these types of monitors varies and can range from about fifty dollars to upwards of a few hundred.

These video devices can either be wired or wireless. The basic application of a video baby monitor is to provide a live video feed from the room of the baby to the room of the parents. This is most useful during the sleeping hours of the parents. With the video baby monitor installed, you can continually monitor your baby without having to go to your baby.

The wireless video baby monitor however has a larger scope of use. Since it is wireless, you can go anywhere around the house while bringing an LCD monitor to keep track of your baby. Whether you are in the kitchen or the garden and still can keep an eye over the baby since you are not limited to a wire.

It is necessary to understand though that these devices also have a limit to their range.

Video Baby Monitor and Night Vision

Baby monitors develop together with technology. As of today, there are a lot of different baby monitors all of which have their own unique functions. One of the latest baby monitors is a video baby monitor with night vision capability.

You may have seen it in the movies or on TV – the navy seals attacking at night are not at a disadvantageous position. This is because they are using their handy dandy night vision goggles. That same technology is being used in today’s baby monitors.

Even if the lights in the baby’s room are switched off, with the help of the night vision baby monitors, you can easily see your baby. They will work perfectly well in a low-light environment and even in total darkness.

Since babies are still quite a photo or light-sensitive, switching off the lights will greatly benefit them. And with you having a video baby monitor with night vision capability, you can see your baby clearly on your monitor.

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best Video Baby Monitor

Looking after your baby’s safety is not an easy task. In fact, a lot of parents are willing to spend tons of money just to make sure that their little bundles of joy are safe and sound.

Keep in mind that the best baby monitors are not always the most pricey ones. What matters most is the fact that it is suitable for your situation and hardwearing enough to survive everyday use.

Like any other products, baby monitors need to suit your lifestyle and satisfy your requirements, even to the smallest details. So before you purchase the best baby monitor, try to dwell on several factors first. 


The size of your house, as well as the distance of the nursery from your bedroom – or other vital parts of your home – need to be taken into consideration. If you live in a small apartment or if your baby’s room is only a couple of rooms away, then virtually any type of baby monitor will suffice.

On the other hand, parents who live in bigger houses or multi-storied residents require a device that has a longer range. In this way, they will understand for certain that the transmitter and receiver will not falter even at extended distances.

Further, baby monitors work more efficiently between ground-floor and first-floor areas. However, if your home is made of thick concrete walls or has aluminum siding, then this can decrease the strength of the transmitted signal.


Nowadays, many consider smaller devices as more excellent than larger ones. Because of this trend, as well as the necessity for better portability, a good number of modern baby monitors are equipped with ultra-small receivers.

Most baby monitors these days also arrive with receivers that have belt clips. This feature allows parents to carry the device around without much effort. If you intend to take the receiver anywhere in the house for extended periods, test out the attachment method just to make sure that it’s durable enough to endure daily usage.

Battery Life

You also need to check the battery life and power source. This determines how long you can carry the monitor screen around before having to plug it in to charge. You should at least get a hold of answers to questions such as: “Will I need to recharge it frequently?”.


Since a baby monitor is basically a wireless device, it is highly possible to encounter interference with the signal. You and your next-door neighbors may utilize similar channels and wind up hearing noises from each other’s homes.

Cordless telephones may also interfere with your signal. In case of interference is a big issue for you, you can always look for something that utilizes the so-called non-interference technology or has additional security features.

It is also better to purchase one that features a channel adjustment capability. This way, you can change frequency bands every time you encounter interference problems.

Wireless encryption

This ensures that no one else can tap into your monitor’s “feed” and watch what’s going on in your house. WiFi-enabled monitors are great for portability and range, but more susceptible to hacking.

If you go with this option, make sure to secure your home wireless network and keep the monitor’s firmware updated. Otherwise, look for digital monitors with a 2.4 GHz FHSS wireless transmission.

Remote operation

The ability to operate the monitor to remotely adjust the camera’s view (often referred to as “zoom, pan, and tilt”) can come in handy.


Some video monitors have bigger screens with higher resolutions that offer a more precise image. Others come with smaller screens. Further, some rely on an app you view on your cell phone. This may not make for the greatest viewing, depending on the size of your phone, but is great for portability.

Additional Features

Besides watching your little one, some cameras also monitor the room’s temperature and your baby’s vitals.

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